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Crown Marketing (CWNM) – long long path to a future p&d?

12 Oct Crown Marketing (CWNM) – long long path to a future p&d?


When I wrote a research report on Greenway Technology (GWYT) back on September 3, 2012, I remember thinking how odd it was that Jehu Hand and Benjamin Hoskins sat on the GWYT shell for 4 1/2 years before the recent bid whacking that took the share price down to pre-promotion levels where GWYT still waits for the future promotion to kick off.

The Greenway Technology (GWYT) research report provided several links about past paid promotions quarterbacked by Jehu hand.


Then earlier this week a company called Crown Marketing (CWNM) effected a 10:1 forward split.  Turns out that CWNM is yet another Jehu Hand shell, but this one has been sitting around for nearly 10 years under Jehu Hand's control possibly waiting to be used for a future p&d. 


Setting up the CWNM shell

The Crown Marketing shell was originally known as Space Launch Financial Inc.

Space Launch Financial Inc was originally incorporated in Nevada as Transcendent Corporation by Conrad Lysiak (attorney from our top 10 list).

Original officers were James Kouvarakos, John Harman, and Nicholas Plessas.

On November 26, 1997 the board of directors approved a name change to Space Launches Financing, Inc

Around this time the company officers changed to Maurice Tolub and Yves Silliard.


When Space Launches Financial Inc filed to go public on October 29, 1999, there were 6,017,471 shares outstanding. 

17,471 shares were sold to unnamed individuals for proceeds of $41,620.

6,000,000 shares were sold to 10 private investors (600,000 shares each) for proceeds of $100,000.

Those 10 private investors included:

Yves Sillard - 600,000 shares
Marina Zuliani (of Italy) - 600,000 shares
Andrea Leardini  (of Italy) - 600,000 shares
Societe Financiere du Seujet Limited (Irish entity) - 600,000 shares
Francois Allaz (of Switzerland)
Sangate Enterprises Inc (British Virgin Island entity) - 600,000 shares
Societe Financiere Privee, S.A. (Swiss entity) - 600,000 shares
Orazio Pizzardi (of Italy) - 600,000 shares
Barbara Burhop (of Switzerland) - 600,000 shares
Attilie Ferrari (of Italy) - 600,000 shares
Garbriela Ferrari (of Italy) - 600,000 shares
Operadora Financiera de Inverscones (Panamanian entity) - 600,000 shares


Early Public Years

The first 2 years of public trading were uneventful.  The financial structure barely changed and the share structure remained at at 6,017,471 shares.

In January of 2002, an acquisition was agreed upon.  Space Launch Financial Inc signed an agreement to purchase Polyderm Inc (a Delaware entity).  The acquisition called for Space Launch Financial Inc to issue 24,069,884 shares to the Polyderm Inc shareholders.  The agreement also called for the 6,017,741 existing (pre-acquisition shares) to be forward split 4:1 becoming 24,069,884 shares.  Liz Hill Enterprises, Ltd was issued 5,371,085 shares for helping to structure the agreement and 200,000 shares were issued to SoCal Securities.

That brought the proposed outstanding share count to 53,710,853 shares.

Philip Faris became the new CEO and Luc Badel became the new Secretary.

On October 4, 2002 a filing was made rescinding the acquisition.

According to the last filing done by this regime, a 10Q on October 4, 2002, the outstanding share count now sat at 29,640,968 shares.

This is especially strange since no 4:1 forward split never showed up as being approved by any governing body for the shell.


Enter Jehu Hand

Sometime between October 4, 2002 and April 4, 2003, Jehu Hand took control of the Space Launch Financial Inc.

On April 4, 2003, Jehu Hand filed an NT-10K letting the SEC know that Space Launch would not be able to file their 10K on time.  It was the last filing done by Space Launch Financial Inc until they filed an S-1 filing 8 1/2 years later on September 9, 2011.


How did Jehu Hand get control?

Space Launch Financial Inc failed to file any annual reports and failed to pay its annual business taxes with the state of Nevada in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002.  The entity got revoked by the state of Nevada in 1999 and operated as a revoked entity for 3 years.

On February 11, 2003 the shell got reinstated.  The person filing for reinstatement was Jehu Hand.  Jehu Hand also listed himself as the sole officer/director of the shell.

Despite not doing any SEC filings for 8 1/2 years, Jehu Hand did continue to keep the Nevada entity active.  Just amazing that he could sit on his hands for so long and not do anything with a shell for so many years.


The S-1 filing - what happened to those 29,640,968 shares?

On September 9, 2011, Space Launch Financial Inc filed an S-1 to register its stock and get back in good standing with the SEC.

The S-1 attempted to explain the recent history of the shell, but left several holes especially when it came to disclosing what happened to the 29,640,968 shares that were outstanding in 2003.


Jehu Hand's explanation of the restructuring of the shell

On July 9, 2009, an entity was formed in Wyoming called Green4Green with 25 year old Igor Produm as the sole officer/director.  The Incorporator of the shell was Ross Bagne of the now famous Wyoming Corporate Services Inc because of this article.

Igor Produn is a Ukrainian citizen according to the CWNM filings.  I have been unable to verify his existence. 

On July 6, 2010, an entity called Crown Marketing was formed in Wyoming.  The Incorporator of this entity was Jehu Hand.

On July 14, 2010, Space Launch Financial Inc merged into Crown Marketing with Crown Marketing being the surviving entity.  According to the S-1 fling, the outstanding share count following the merger some how became 89,080 shares.  Apparently all the previous share holders were somehow wiped out.

On July 14, 2010, Crown Marketing acquired Green4Green for 4,000,000 shares making it a wholly owned subsidiary.

Between July 14, 2010 and June 30, 2011, warrants were exercised for the purchase of 230,000 shares at $.05/share and 11,000 shares were purchased by private investors for $.10/share.

The new outstanding share count became 4,340,080 shares.

The S-1 filing was to register 2,400,000 more shares warrants to be exercised which would bring the outstanding share count to 6,740,080 shares.


The New Share Owners

The list of new share owners following the Crown Marketing merger and issuance of warrants related to the S-1 filing is a very familiar bunch.

Igor Produn - 4,000,000 shares (received for the Green4Green acquisition)

William Wilkerson - 440,000 shares (40,000 @ $.05/share and 400,000 @ $.07/share)
Doris Urueta - 440,000 shares (40,000 @ $.05/share and 400,000 @ $.07/share)
Katya Konuschenko - 440,000 shares (40,000 @ $.05/share and 400,000 @ $.07/share)
Alex Sosnovsky - 440,000 shares (40,000 @ $.05/share and 400,000 @ $.07/share)
Yuriy Semenov - 440,000 shares (40,000 @ $.05/share and 400,000 @ $.07/share)
Karen Campo - 440,000 shares (40,000 @ $.05/share and 400,000 @ $.07/share)

Adam Hand - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Learned Hand - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Kimberly Peterson - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Taylor Peterson - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Randall Peterson - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Vicki Foster - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Kristen Roberts - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Richard Solosky - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Mary L. Robers-Solosky - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Scott Roberts - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)
Jody Roberts - 1,000 shares ($.10/share)

Unknown shareholders - 89,080 (from Crown Marketing merger)


More on the CWNM insiders

Some background on Jehu Hand's involvement with Wave Uranium (p&d ticker) here.  Full court document about Wave Uranium P&D found here.  Wave Uranium now trades under the symbol FBCD.

More found about Jehu Hand at his personal website.

Some tickers connected to Jehu Hand include - FBCD, CLTH, SKYC, DANR, GWYT, VTMS, Russian Athena Inc (revoked), WLSF, GFMH, and literally dozens of others.

Jehu Hand is a very litigious individual both as a Defendant and a Plaintiff.

Link with information about Jehu Hands history with Russian officers and his long time secretary Kimberly Peterson here.

Yuriy Semenov was involved in 3 past Jehu Hand shells - Dana Resources (was listed as the CEO), Cleantech Biofuels, Inc (CLTH) as a large debt holder and large shareholder, and GFMI as a seed shareholder.

Most of the same large CWNM seed shareholders can be found as seed shareholders for another Jehu Hand shell called Goliath Film & Media Holdings (GFMH) - see this S-1 filingGFMH has a long past like CWNM, but with some very dirty insiders involved with the shell early on.

GFMH did a fairly big PR driven pump&dump in April of 2012 and looks like based on recent news it is trying to push the stock price up again for some more dumping soon.


Recent Developments

On September 27, 2012, CWNM acquired two patents owned by a Delaware business entity called Farrington Pharmaceuticals, LLC which was wholly owned by Learned Hand.



The intellectual property cost CWNM 122,600,200 (post-split) shares and a $140,000 Promissory Note.  Those 122,600,000 gave Learned Hand control of the CWNM shell and he became the new CEO replacing Igor Produm.  Jehu Hand's long time personal secretary, Kimberly Peterson became the Secretary of CWNM.

Following the change of control, Yuriy Semenov was issued a $42,000 Promissory Note.

Authoring all the CWNM filings was Jehu Hand.

Here is the Farrington Pharmaceuticals LLC website.

That intellectual property allegedly includes the CDDT patent.



Doing a patent search I was able to discover 2 patents listed as being assigned to Farrington Pharmaceuticals LLC

Sustained Release Delivery Systems for Solutes - patent# 7090861

Sustained Release Delivery Systems for Solutes - patent #6569152

As part of the acquisition agreement CWNM agreed to do a 10:1 forward split.

We have no way of knowing if those patents actual have any practical value or any potential to ever produce any real revenue numbers because CWNM filed no detailed disclosure about any true value of those patents, but one thing I can say with certainty is that they are not worth the $123,826,000 price tag that they cost at the current trading price of $1.01/share.


The New Share Count

With the 10:1 forward split now complete the new outstanding share count is now 190,067,600 with 67,467,400 shares free trading split up as follows:

Learned Hand - 122,600,200 shares (received for the Farrington Pharmaceuticals LLC patent purchase) - restricted

Igor Produn - 40,000,000 shares (received for the Green4Green acquisition) - free trading

William Wilkerson - 4,400,000 shares (400,000 @ $.005/share and 4,000,000 @ $.007/share) - free trading
Doris Urueta - 4,400,000 shares (400,000 @ $.005/share and 4,000,000 @ $.007/share) - free trading
Katya Konuschenko - 4,400,000 shares (400,000 @ $.005/share and 4,000,000 @ $.007/share) - free trading
Alex Sosnovsky - 4,400,000 shares (400,000 @ $.005/share and 4,000,000 @ $.007/share) - free trading
Yuriy Semenov - 4,400,000 shares (400,000 @ $.005/share and 4,000,000 @ $.007/share) - free trading
Karen Campo - 4,400,000 shares (400,000 @ $.005/share and 4,000,000 @ $.007/share) - free trading

Adam Hand - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Kimberly Peterson - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Taylor Peterson - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Randall Peterson - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Vicki Foster - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Kristen Roberts - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Richard Solosky - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Mary L. Robers-Solosky - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Scott Roberts - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading
Jody Roberts - 10,000 shares ($.01/share) - free trading

Unknown shareholders - 967,600 shares (mostly from the Crown Marketing Merger) - free trading



CWNM is currently grossly over valued.  There are presently 67,467,400 free trading shares outstanding.  There is no way that CWNM could maintain a paid promotion with that many outstanding shares at the current share price so expect CWNM to get dropped to around the $.10/share - $.15/share range or lower before any paid promotion starts (if any is ever used on this ticker).  With the potential for insiders to make upwards of $15 million - $60 million I'd be surprised if CWNM doesn't some day get promoted especially with the history of Jehu Hand and his family.

Igor Produn stands to make $5 million - $35 million alone with his 40,000,000 free trading shares.  Jehu Hand has been accused in court documents by Keith Mazer of inventing imaginary CEOs with past companies that were allegedly only his alter ego.  See this link.  Interesting that Mazer claimed that Yurij Semenov was an alter ego of Jehu Hand since Yurij Semenov is a CWNM insider. Sort of makes you wonder if Jehu Hand might really control those Igor Produn 40,000,000 free trading shares.  Keith Mazer has a very shady past of his own so it is hard to put much trust into his accusations against Jehu Hand.

Either way any ticker with that many free trading shares, that many arms length agreements, and that many shares issued to relatives for unproven assets is one to watch for a future paid promotion.







  • nodummy
    Posted at 22:08h, 26 October Reply

    This ticker has now been dropped to $.13/share – right in the high end of the range I predicted they would drop it to.

    Some interesting small blocks hit near the end of the day. CWNM might be worth keeping in eye on going into next week.

  • nodummy
    Posted at 20:47h, 30 November Reply

    Crown Marketing website is now up and running

    CWNM now lists its address as 1340 Environ Way, Chapel Hill, NC which is a Regus virtual office

    Jehu Hand is very much involved in this one. He authored the recent NT-10Q filed on November 14, 2012

    The actual 10Q that followed on November 19, 2012 was authored by “MrX”

    The EOD trading activity today was very very interesting. This should be on high alert going into next week.

  • alive
    Posted at 14:14h, 19 December Reply

    Wednesday, December 19 2012 1:00 PM, EST Crown Marketing Announces Smart Drug Delivery Revolution Has Arrived

    CHAPEL HILL, NC — (Marketwire) — 12/19/12 — Crown Marketing (OTCQB: CWNM) is pleased to announce that its Controlled Drug Delivery Technology (CDDT) has the potential to revolutionize the manner in which we take oral medication.

    Crown’s CDDT is a novel controlled-release technology that harnesses the principles of diffusion through precise mathematical formulas.

    Crown believes the spectrum and reliability of pharmacokinetic profiles achievable with this technology is superior to currently marketed devices and formulations. Crown’s simple design allows for a high level of flexibility in matching chronotherapeutic requirements. Cost-efficiencies in the commercial manufacturing process, when compared to other drug delivery technologies, may constitute its most important competitive advantage.

    Traditionally, oral medications are swallowed and dissolve in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Although great strides have been made in the controlled drug delivery market, Crown believes their novel, patented technology is superior in its ability to mathematically program the rate of diffusion and to deliver compounds within a therapeutic range over a longer period of time.

    The objective of intelligent drug delivery design amounts to maximizing the percent of the time drug plasma levels are within the therapeutic range and avoiding patient exposure to potentially toxic (High) or sub-therapeutic (Low) levels.

    Controlled and targeted drug delivery is a truly transformational development. Today, most of the medicine we take may not reach their intended targets. They can be destroyed or linger in the body with unwanted side effects. Some of these molecules are extremely toxic, especially in the case with medicines that target cancers.

    In effect, traditional drug delivery is like carpet-bombing. We can destroy targets, but there is often enormous collateral damage. The smart drug delivery revolution is the equivalent of GPS-guided smart bombs that target biological terrorists with pinpoint accuracy.

    This precision has many benefits. It prevents a huge amount of waste that is expensive, both in monetary and health terms. Moreover, it increases the effectiveness of many pharmaceuticals by putting more of a drug where it is needed.

    Crown’s believes that its cost-effective application of controlled delivery technologies will play a major role in the expansion of the pharmaceutical, OTC and nutraceuticals industry through our ability to improve on the performance of sustained release products in a manner tangible to manufacturers and consumers.

    More information can be found at:

    Contact: Charles Van Der Ross 347.491.0565

    Source: Crown Marketing

  • john
    Posted at 23:23h, 31 January Reply

    The name Igor Produn cannot be found just because it has been written wrong IMO, people should look into Igor Prodan and maybe something will come to light.

  • Keith Mazer
    Posted at 19:42h, 21 May Reply

    This is a very good article, concise and I am in total agreement with everything you have written except about myself. First I don’t know or have I ever worked with John Rivera, I was never President of Sustainable Power Corp, nor have I ever heard of it. I am not the only Keith Mazer in the Securities Industry. Regarding the Blog you have on me regarding SGLN, it was written by Jehu Hand and is incorrect, I still have all my shares, I wasn’t the problem. SGLN had it’s own special problems including the Investors Relation Firm hired by a third party that did nothing but sell their stock they were paid to promote the company for. Unfortunately the Company was under capitalized and wasn’t able to carry out their business plan. Jehu Hand under the name DartmouthDan found out I was involved in the company, I was in a lawsuit with him in Nevada that not only did I win, the Federal Judge presiding over our trial stated to the attorneys to make their closing arguments based on what I said not on Hand’s story. Regarding the shareholders in all of Hand’s Companies, the one name that stands out to me that we proved fictitious is William Wilkerson. I have Hand on record in 2004 stating Wilkerson was in a hospice close to death, he later showed Wilkerson living in Minnesota at a later date. He stated he was like the Carta Blanca Mexican Beer adventurer depicted on television commercials, he is mysterious and you never know where he is. His brother Learned Hand told my associate that Wilkerson was non existent, his Brother Jehu created him up. I am sure you will find Prodan being a pseudonym for Jehu Hand. This is one of the best independent depiction of how Jehu Hand operates. I just don’t understand why SEC Criminal Enforcement have not taken him down yet, it is beyond me. I will be happy to answer any questions that I may be able to answer, you will see reason my credibility could possibly be of question was created by Jehu Hand.

  • Jehu Hand
    Posted at 18:16h, 04 July Reply

    Without commenting on this page as I whole, which I might leave for another day, I will point out the more significant lies and omissions of Mr. Mazer’s post.
    Lie Number 1. I never wrote any blog for promotion stock secrets and this is the first contact I have with this site.
    Lie Number 2. “I still have all my shares.” If you compare the September 1, 2011 8-K where it is disclosed Mr. Mazer, through Abod Partners, owns 545,364,919 shares, or 9.7%, to the last 10-K filed, where 5,690 billion shares are outstanding, neither he nor Abod are listed as owning shares, the conclusion is clear. Mazer/Abod no longer own their shares, or if he does, he owns less than 5% of the 5.6 billion which would be 380 million.
    Lie Number 3. “I was in a lawsuit with him in Nevada that not only did I win”
    Not exactly. A company sued Mazer for stealing their shares and Mazer countersued the company and me alleging that he was engaged in stock parking. Neither party won. The judge decided that neither the company suing Mazer, nor Mazer, proved their cases. I had nothing to prove as I was the unwilling cross defendant. That is not winning, that is a draw.
    Lie Number 4. “The Federal Judge presiding over the trial stated to the attorneys to make their closing arguments based on what I said, not on Hand’s story.” First of all, a judge is never going to decide the FACTS of the case nor the CREDIBILITY of the witnesses before the closing argument. That would be judicial misconduct. But you can read from the transcript right here and see that this is a complete fabrication of Mazer’s:
    Lie Number 5 “We proved fictitious” William Wilkerson. No person by that name every came up anywhere in trial and it was not an issue. There was no finding regarding the identity of this person, This name is completely made up by Mazer out of thin air.
    Lie Number 6. “Wilkerson” and “Prodan” are invented people. Yep. People who own houses, drive cars, have bank accounts, have children, go to PTA meetings, are “invented.”
    Twist number 1. A person cannot be very ill but then recover?
    SGLN failed for many reasons. A big reason was the fact that it put out a press release claiming to have a contract for $10 million in revenue when in fact no contract existed, and no mention of the contract was in their filings with the SEC. When you are an insider and you sell half a billion shares you got for “consulting services,” that makes a big negative impact on the company’s trading.
    Although I wish there were such as thing as “SEC Criminal Enforcement,” I believe that I provided substantive assistant to the SEC which led to the halt trade on SGLN. I assist the SEC on many scams from time to time. I never was long or short SGLN and I do not know anyone who traded the stock. Now if you want to read about criminal activity, look at
    It’s a little dry and technical, but I guarantee highly entertaining.
    Also you might want to look up a case number 502012CA019368XXXXMB, Fountainhead Capital v Henry Fong, where Fong and Mazer were sued and a $149,833.45 judgment was awarded against Mazer. This lawsuit relates to Mazer and Fong’s actions in connection with a public company named Quture International, Inc.
    Later on If I have time I will post pictures from when Mazer broke into my house and beat me, sending me to the hospital.

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