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Author: nodummy

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Eric Van Nguyen and His Awesome Penny Stock Story

   a Over the past 4 years I have spent a great deal of time researching stock promoters and penny stocks and during that time no stock promotion company created a bigger fan base than Awesome Penny Stocks.   One name above all others stands out in connection...

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Ebola stocks run

On September 30th, as the markets were closing for the day, news hit that Ebola had entered the United States with the first confirmed Ebola patient at a hospital in Dallas, Texas.  Some of the main biotech tickers linked to infectious diseases in the past...

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IFAN paid promo

a a We've had IFAN listed in our daily update for a few days now as it has climbed its way through the teens and through the $.20s and into the $.30s. Tonight we can confirm that IFAN is officially a paid promotion.  15 page hard mailers began...