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Welcome to Promotion Stock Secrets

The worlds leading penny stock research site. We focus on identifying the top catalyst that provide the greatest potential profit opportunities from sub penny to NASDAQ on both the long and short side.

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Why Promotion Stock Secrets

Real Time Updates

Become continually informed. Along with real time updates in our chat room, we email at minimum 4 updates during each trading day to keep members informed of the most up to date information and stock to watch.

Save time and money

Save countless hours of researching SEC filings, studying news feeds, and reading social media. Reduce the need for expensive scanning feeds. Our team does the work for you.

Led by expert traders

Our moderating team consist of several millionaire traders along with top level researchers. Our trading community include some of the best traders in the world and many seasoned veterans.

We track all tickers that have the greatest potential for profit

While many traders are looking for the best penny stocks to buy and short, penny stocks to watch, or a list of penny stocks. Our information is not limited to the OTC or penny stock market. We focus on any and all stocks from sub penny to NASDAQ that could provide the best day trading or swing trading oportunities on both the long and short side..

Access to a top level research team

Direct one on one access to arguably the #1 Penny Stock research team in the world.

No Trading Guru Alerts!

To some, this might seem like a negative. We have spent years studing and tracking stock promoters. The stocks we follow have low floats and move by catalyst. When a stock guru has a large enough following, their trading alerts work similar to mini stock promotions. While this helps the guru improve their stats and attracted additional followers, these same gurus are often on the opposite side of the trade as their followers; resulting in minimal if any profits for their followers. Many services not only have gurus profiting from members but also supply advanced notice to inner circle members. We believe members join a service to gain an edge in their own trading and not to help a guru profit. We focus on the information to keep members informed. Members are our top priority, always have been, and always will be.

Find the tickers that will be promoted prior to the promotion

Since the spring of 2012, Promotion Stock Secrets has uncovered nearly every major stock promotion prior to the actual promotion. For many we correctly predicted which promoter would alert the ticker